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Fully customize with your vocabulary; done in 5 minutes. Perfect for teachers. Create and print word searches, crosswords, and many other puzzles Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Keys‬ In this article, we will look at the Key Activities block in the Business Model Canvas. We will cover, 1) an introduction to key activities, 2) questions to consider, 3) typical activities, 4) categories for key activities, and 5) a case study on LinkedIn

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  1. Dabei hilft dann auch wieder den Blick auf die Schlüsselpartner und deren Key Activities. Vielleicht ist es kostengünstiger, aber nicht schädlich im Sinne der Value Propositions, wenn bestimmte Aktivitäten auf einen bereits bekannten Partner ausgelagert werden. Gleichzeitig sollte man darüber nachdenken, ob es unabhängig von bereits bekannten Partnern Aktivitäten gibt, die besser von.
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  3. If the immediately preceding component of the Business Model Canvas is the Key Resources, which provide the most important inputs to bring your business to life, the Key Activities include the actions that are imperative for a business to work
  4. d, at this time, activities such as manufacturing, sales, distribution, use of Information Technology, marketing actions and stakeholder engagement. 1- For our value proposition to work properly, what activities should we develop
  5. Key activities are the most important activities in executing a company's value proposition. Your Key Activities segment may not require as much getting out of the building. Most of these activities will make themselves apparent as you answer the questions posed by other canvas blocks
  6. While Key Resources in the Business Model Canvas are about what you have, Key Activities are about what you do. And often the two work together. The most important thing to ask yourself is this: what activities does our value proposition need? Your activities must be focused on unique value creation
  7. Key Activities - Was musst Du täglich tun, damit der Laden läuft? Die Kernaktivitäten sind alle Vorgänge, die besonders wichtig für den Erfolg deines Geschäftsmodells sind. Auch hier geht es nicht darum jede x-beliebige Aktivität zu erfassen, sondern darum zu dokumentieren, worauf der besondere Fokus liegen muss, damit Du täglich besser und erfolgreicher wirst

Key Activities . These are the main things you need to do to have a successful business model and to deliver your product or service. This building block of The Business Model Canvas allows you to map out the vital activities you need to undertake to properly function as a business. These activities enable you to deliver your Value Proposition, reach markets, nurture Customer Relationships and. Key activities are the things that you do to add value. This is often documented as part of strategic planning exercises such as business model canvas. The following are illustrative examples Mit dem Business Model Canvas kannst du deine Startup-Idee einfach visualisieren und testen, ob dein Geschäftsmodell wasserdicht ist. Entwickelt wurde die Methode von Alexander Osterwalder im Jahr 2004 und hat seither einen regelrechten Siegeszug rund um die Welt angetreten Schlüsselressourcen sind solche Kompetenzen und Werkzeuge, die Sie für Ihr Geschäftsmodell unbedingt brauchen. Diese Ressourcen müssen Sie von außen beschaffen, indem Sie mit Lieferanten zusammenarbeiten oder das Know-how von Dienstleistern nutzen. Schlüsselressourcen sind oft Teil der Unique Selling Position eines Geschäftsmodells Key activities in the business model canvas are derived from your channels and drive your resources, partnerships, and cost structure. In this startup exampl..

Scott Wise added Key Activities to Key Activities Board Business Model Canvas - Template. Key Activities. Home | About | Help | Legal | Blog | @trello | Trello API. Geschäftsmodelle als Business Model Canvas Schlüsselaktivitäten erkennen und Prozesse optimieren: Key Activities Schlüsselaktivitäten sind Tätigkeiten oder Prozesse, die Sie ausführen und die für Ihr Geschäftsmodell entscheidend sind Business Model Canvas: nine business model building blocks, Osterwalder, Pigneur et al. 2010, CC BY-SA 1.0 Die 9 Elemente des Business Model Canvas. Customer Segments; Value Proposition; Channels; Customer Relationships; Revenue Streams; Key Resources; Key Activities; Key Partnerships; Cost Structure; 1. Customer Segment According to Strategyzer, when it comes to the Business Model Canvas, key activities are any activities that your business is engaged in for the primary purpose of making a profit. Business..

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  1. The key activities block of the canvas helps us figure out what those are and what we should be paying attention to that might not necessarily drive value. What to Think About When Evaluating Key Activities. While it might be tempting to just start listing out ideas, let's start by thinking about back to the pieces of the business model we already know: Your value proposition is a great.
  2. g up with new solutions to individual customer problems. Research, Knowledge Management, and continuous training are an example of such key activities. For Hospitals or Legal firms, problem-solving is a very crucial key activity
  3. In this section, you will learn about the next building block in the Business Model Canvas which is Key Partners (or Key Partnerships) that an entrepreneur needs to have to perform its key activities and ultimately provide its value proposition to its customer segment. We will look at 1) key partnerships, 2) types of partners, 3) motivation behind partnerships, 4) key partners and value.

Key Activities Um die Value Proposition zu verwirklichen sind bestimmte, zentrale Tätigkeiten notwendig. Die Entwicklung einer App, neuer Lösungen für Kunden oder eines Netzwerks sollten in diesen Bereich des Business Model Canvas einfließen. Was sind die wichtigsten Tätigkeiten um dieses Geschäftsmodell am Laufen zu halten? Key Partnership This video is part of an online course, How to Build a Startup. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/ep245 According to Strategyzer, when it comes to the Business Model Canvas, key activities are any activities that your business is engaged in for the primary purpose of making a profit. Business activities include operations, marketing, production, problem-solving, and administration. Your key activities will change depending upon the type of business you operate. If you are a web developer, User. Key activities. Now that Uber has achieved considerable scale, there are three types of key activities: (a) operational excellence, e.g. safety; (b) continued expansion to new countries and cities; and (c) improve existing value propositions and develop entirely new ones. From a platform business model perspective, most of these activities can also be categorised into reductions of search.

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  1. (If you're using the Canvas, you'll love my free Business Modelling eBook, full of tips for inventing and testing ideas that will change the world) You'll note that there are a lot of things to be done, and not a lot of space in the Key Activities box. That's no accident. David Ogilvy said Strategy is sacrifice. Our job as entrepreneurs is to decide which activities we won.
  2. Per compilare al meglio il blocco Attività Chiave del Business Model Canvas, ecco qualche consiglio che potrà tornarti utile.. Inserisci solo attività chiave strategiche. Le Attività Chiave nel Business Model Canvas, come le Risorse Chiave, sono le attività più importanti per il funzionamento del tuo modello di business; non sono tutte le attività che fanno parte del ciclo aziendale
  3. Create a Business Model Canvas online with your team collaboratively with our free tool Brainstorm better concepts. Together with your team What are your key activities? Innovation. Develop new products with new characteristics. Strategy execution. Customer service. Because retailers are a critical element in the value chain in the sporting goods industry . Value Proposition What are your.
  4. g up with new solutions to individual customer problems. The operations of consultancies, hospitals, and other service organizations are typically do
  5. Key resources are the strategic assets you need in place, and you need in place to a greater or more targeted degree than your competitors. The Business Model Canvas proposes that there are three core business types: product, scope, and infrastructure. These tend to have similar types of Key Resources
  6. There are nine building blocks in the business model canvas and they are customer value proposition, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key partners, key activities, and cost structure. When filling out a business model canvas, you will brainstorm and conduct research on each of these elements.
  7. Key activities across the commerce and impact dimensions of your organization may be complementary (i.e., business activities are complemented by and/or complement impact activities) or opposing (i.e., it is difficult to balance the two). Complementary activities may be leveraged for greater efficiencies across the delivery of commercial and impact value. In the case of opposing activities.

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Building block barikutnya iaitu Key Activities pula menerangkan apa bendanya yang entiti perniagaan perlu buat untuk memastikan model bisnes mereka berjaya. Entiti perniagaan mesti melakukan beberapa aktiviti penting ini untuk membolehkan perniagaan berjalan dengan lancar. Sama macam key resources, key activities ini diperlukan untuk membina tawaran nilai, membina dan menyokong perhubungan. An app business model canvas is an excellent visual tool that describes the value proposition of your product, its structure, your customers, and the financial part of your business. This diagram allows you to document the entire shape of your business model Das Business Model Canvas gliedert Geschäftsmodelle in neun Schlüsselbereiche. Im Folgenden werden die Funktionsweise und die Bausteine des Business Model Canvas erläutert. 1. Bereich der Business Model Canvas: Zielgruppen. Ohne Kunden wird kein Unternehmen lange existieren können. Um sich mit attraktiven Angeboten an seine Kunden richten zu können, kann das Unternehmen. The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool which is a visual chart that allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model. It provides an organizational blueprint for further planning and action Die Canvas dient dazu, alle wesentlichen Elemente eines erfolgreichen Geschäftsmodells in ein skalierbares System zu bringen. In der ersten Gründungsphase ist das Geschäftsmodell deines Unternehmens in der Regel noch nicht so klar. Da ist es hilfreich, verschiedene Varianten miteinander zu vergleichen. Wenn du einmal alle Unternehmensbereiche der Business Model Canvas für eine Variante.

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How to create a business model canvas: 9 key elements. The canvas provides you with nine key business elements to illustrate, summarize, and track. The 9 building blocks of a BCM are: 1. Key partners. List the key partnerships your business leverages or relies upon for success. Include the resources or value your business gets from these partnerships. 2. Key activities. Summarize the key. Who are your key partners? 2. Who are your key suppliers? a) Dunkin' Donuts (DD), is a part of the local community,b) Has free standing restaurants in neighborhoods, c) Easily accessible storesd) Fast quality service.e) Consistent high quality foods, with no long lines.f) Healthy foods, perk foods. Key Activities can be important in any business building block, but are especially prominent in the following: Production . Production activity dominates the business models of manufacturing firms, be they related to design, manufacture, delivery or quality control. Problem solving . Consultancies, hospitals, and other service organizations typically focus on problem-solving activities.

Business Model Canvas 1 Business Model Canvas Die Business Model Canvas (dt.: Leinwand) ist ein von Alexander Osterwalder und Yves Pigneur entwickeltes Werkzeug zur Entwicklung innovativer Geschäftsmodelle. Es besteht aus neun Geschäftsmodellbausteinen. Die neun Geschäftsmodellbausteine bilden die Grundlage für ein nützliches Werkzeug, das als Business Model Canvas bezeichnet wird. Es. LinkedIn Key Activities. The key activity for LinkedIn is all about platform development. Its essential value is in the number of monthly active users. So it needs a platform that increases the number of users over time, and which keeps them engaged and active on the site In cooperation with key partners, the BMW i3 substantiates its value proposition of Sustainability as the next premium, delivering sustainable mobility solutions with visionary ideas and inspiring design. To keep developing future-oriented concepts, ideas, products and services, R&D will remain one of the key activities. BMW managed to turn the challenge of urban mobility into a revenue.

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The canvas business model was created by the Swiss Alexander Osterwalder to facilitate the strategic planning of new businesses in a fast, agile and integrated way, with the aid of canvas with 9 fields to fill.. Because they're all nearby and being filled up in a short space of time and a group, the goal is for each response to be viewed broadly, making it easier to perceive the. แผนภาพ Business Model Canvas หรือ BMC. แผนภาพ Business Model Canvas ด้านบนจะเห็นว่าทางฝั่งซ้ายทั้งหมด 4 ปัจจัยได้แก่ Cost Structure, Key Partners, Key Resources, และ Key Activities จะเป็นเรื่องเกี่ยวกับเรื่อง. the business model canvas covers the four main areas of any venture: customers, offering, infrastructure, and financial viability. There are nine building blocks that describe and assess a business model: customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, and cost structure The Channel Building Block describes how a company communicates with and reaches its Customer Segments to deliver its Value Proposition. It is important to understand which pathway (or channel) is best for your company to reach your customers. Below is a brief description that will help guide you in finding the right mix of channel The business model canvas is a visual tool providing a shared language for describing, visualizing, assessing, and innovating business models. The Canvas consists of nine building blocks: Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, Channels, Revenue Streams, Key Activities, Key Resources, Key Partners, and Cost Structure.

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Answers what non key activities can you outsource to enable you to focus more on your key activities. Cost Structure Answers what are the major costs incurred by your business. Before we take deeper into each of these elements, there is one thing you should be aware of. We can say that elements on the left-hand side of the business model canvas represent costs to the business. Similarly. Key Activities: What uniquely strategic things does the business do to deliver its proposition? Key Resources: What unique strategic assets must the business have to compete? Key Partnerships: What can the company not do so it can focus on its Key Activities? Cost Structure: What are the business' major cost drivers? How are they linked to revenue? The Canvas is popular with entrepreneurs. Business Model Canvas Step 7: Key Activities your Business Engages in. There are many daily tasks that are done within the business, but it is always important to be clear about what are the key activities that need to be conducted within the business to deliver on the value proposition that you are promising your clients. By identifying these activities, it would help you to prioritize the. Key resources could include office space, computers and staff. Key Partners. Key Partners are a list of other external companies/suppliers/parties you may need to achieve your key activities and. 8.10 Key Activities 8.11 Value Propositions 8.12 Cost Structure 8.13 Revenue Streams 8.14 Internet Revenue Models 8.15 Strategy 8.16 Company Valuation 8.17 Measures & Ratios 8.18 Fundamental Analysis 8.19 Efficient Markets 8.20 Neoclassical Economics. Control Panel. Home Site Map Resources Questions How to Use the Site About Us. 8.9 Key Partnerships Key Partnerships are the network of.

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  1. Business Model Canvas Cost Structure Key Partnerships Key Resources Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Relationships Customer Segments Revenue Streams Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising
  2. Key Activities Of Business Model Canvas Segment 1 - Value Proposition. This pertains to the value proposition which is offered by your business. It reviews the reasons why customers should be compelled to do business with you, what sets you apart from competitors, what differentiates your business, and what solutions you offer. Segment 2 - Audience Segments. The next segment reviews your.
  3. As an example, for my business model canvas project the key activities are designing and building the online planning content. Let me say that again, designing and building the online career planning content. And, developing, implementing, and managing the sales campaigns, using primarily database marketing. As with most new ventures we will need key partners to help us in several areas. We'll.
  4. There are nine main building blocks in the business model canvas template: Key Partners: The strategic relationships your business creates with other companies or people. Key Activities: Activities or tasks that are integral to operating your company. Key Resources: Assets that are required to operate and deliver your company's value proposition Value Proposition Value proposition is a.

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In addition, Key Resources must be directly proportional to the number and type of key activities your business is involved with. And the quality of them will affect their profitability and profitability of the entire organization. For example, if the company doubles sales and starts to grow beyond expectations, you will only have the ability and capacity to deal with that situation if you are. Schlüsselaktivitäten / Key Activities. Bei den Schlüsselaktivitäten solltest du an alle zentralen Aktivitäten denken, die erforderlich sind, damit du dein Produkt/dein Service anbieten kannst. Fragen, die du dir stellen solltest . Welche Aktivitäten muss ich durchführen, um den Kundennutzen zu erfüllen? Welche Aktivitäten sind für die Vertriebskanäle notwendig, welche für die. Business Model Canvas; Customer Segments. Value Proposition; Channels; Customer Relationships; Revenue Streams; Key Resources; Key Activities; Key Partners; Cost Structure ; Business Model Environment. Resources; Key Activities. Production. While Target does not own a manufacturing plant, they are involved in every step of the design process for their exclusive products. Their researchers. 7. Key activities Uber's approach of how to make the product work is perfectly well-thought out and suits any Uber for X business. Here's how it looks: Platform development and management Marketing and customer acquisition Hiring and managing service providers Customer support 8. Key partners To get things done, you'd need. So it's time. Changes in your key activities will effect changes elsewhere in your business model canvas, This is why we use sticky notes (or digital software) to edit the canvas easily. Tip: Remember that the goal of using this tool is to make it possible to question your business in a simple way

Ein Business Model Canvas eignet sich insbesondere bei der Einwicklung oder Überarbeitung von innovativen und sehr komplexen Geschäftsideen. Ganz generell ist das Geschäftsmodell-Canvas aber auch für kleinere Gründungen sehr sinnvoll, um einen Überblick über sämtliche relevanten Faktoren zu erhalten. #5 Wann schreibe ich ein Business Model Canvas? Die Erstellung eines Busi­ness Mo. Key Activities . What actions or activities do your value proposition require you to make? Identify the key steps you need to take in order for your business to deliver on its promises and make sure development rolls out smoothly. For a product-driven business, a key activity may be learning about users and how to build a better product. For an. 6. Key activities What do you do every day to run your business model? 7. Key resources The people, knowledge, means, and money you need to run your business. 8. Key partners List the partners that you can't do business without (not suppliers). 9. Cost structure List your top costs by looking at activities and resources The business model canvas is a framework proposed by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur in Busines Model Generation enabling the design of business models through nine building blocks comprising: key partners, key activities, value propositions, customer relationships, customer segments, critical resources, channels, cost structure, and revenue streams

Mit dem Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) arbeitest Du systematisch an deinem Wertversprechen. Das VPC ist eine Ergänzung des Business Model Canvas und eines der zentralen kundenzentrierten Werkzeuge.. In diesem Artikel stelle ich dir das Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) vor und zeige Dir, wie Du damit dein Leistungsversprechen für deine Kundengruppen entwickelst Every business model requires key resources. With google's key resources they are able to offer value propositions to its customers. Physical Resources: Key physical resources that google has includes 85 offices in over 40 countries. Their main office in California, known as the Googleplex, is world renowned and provides employees with substantial perks

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Question: Business-model-canvas (4).doc Nvas Key Activities What Key Activities Do Our Value Propositions Require? Our Distribution Channels? Customer Relationships? Revenue Streams? CATEGORIES: Production, Problem Solving, Platform/Network. This problem has been solved! See the answer. Show transcribed image text . Expert Answer 100% (1 rating) Answer: There are seven key activities our value. Starbucks Corporation (Starbucks) is a roaster, marketer, and retailer of coffee. As of October 2, 2016, the company operated in 75 countries. The company operates through four Segments: Americas, which is inclusive of the United States, Canada, and Latin America; China/Asia Pacific (CAP); Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and Channel Development

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0:09 Key activities are all the important activities we must undertake as a business to ensure success. 0:14 Like key resources, this is dependent on all other areas of the business model. 0:20 So, again, we walk through each section and determine the key activity relevant Cost Structure: The cost structure of a business model canvas pairs together how key activities will drive costs and determines how well the costs are aligned with the value prop. It is at this time that businesses must determine other key cost decisions, like using a fixed, variable, cost-driven, or value-driven structure and figuring out how the scope and scale of the business relate to the.

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Research and development is a key activity for Huawei, and one of the ways in which the firm is able to create value for its customers through constant innovation We are committed to translating leading technologies into better and more competitive products and solutions that help our customers succeed.Currently 45% of Huawei's workforce, approximately 80,000 people are dedicated to R&D Faculty Story: Canvas for Key Course Activities. Interview with Nadja Kunz, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs and Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering, University of British Columbia. How did you use Canvas in your course and what made you decide to do this? In January 2018, I launched a new course on Mine Water Management (MINE455) through the Norman. That's about Key Activities in the Entrepreneurship 101: Understanding Business Model Canvas - Key Activities. The Key Activities helps identify all the vital activities the business needs to carry out to deliver the value to their customers. What do you think would be the key activities for Google ? Share your thoughts in the comments below The Business Model Canvas is a visual chart documenting key aspects of a new or existing business. It provides an organizational blueprint for further planning and action. The canvas collects information under nine areas critical to an organization or product's success - addressing value proposition, customers, infrastructure, and finances. Create a Business Model Canvas in GroupMap. The Home Business Model Canvas PowerPoint Templates Key Activities of Partners. Key Activities of Partners. This slide of 3D Business Model Canvas highlights key partners as an element. The figure highlighted in red makes it stand out in the whole diagram. It aids in discussing one item at a time which is easy to understand. It is an editable presentation template, enabling users to customize.

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Key activities vary depending on the business. For example, logistics is a key activity for a company handling perishable goods whereas a company offering cloud computing would consider software development as indispensable. As for the example provided, key activities for a cosmetic company include research and development, logistics, and marketing among others A Lean Canvas delivers a clearer and more concise approach, beloved by entrepreneurs. It focuses on Problems, Solutions, Unfair advantages and Key metrics, instead of Key partners, Key activities, Customer relationships, and Key resources respectively. Business model canvas template: key features. Flexible sections (rename titles and choose icons The Business Model Canvas is a simple tool to create, analyze and optimize business models. It' easy to grasp and understand. If you don't know it yet, learn about it in my Udemy video course. The Key Takeaway: Whatever channels you use to communicate with, ensure that you find a good balance between the different channel types. The ideal goal is to design a cost-effective solution that best meets the customer's needs and wants whilst providing the most revenues. Download our free Business Model Canvas Guide here Key Activities, Key Resources and Key Partners 7:37 with Pasan Premaratne. There are certain activities that are crucial to the success of our business model. In this video we look at our key activities, the resources we need to make them happen and any partners we can work with to make our job easier. Video Transcript; Downloads; Up until now, 0:00 we discussed all the things we need to do to.

Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers Key questions to be answered when you fill up a business model canvas Published on April 20, 2016 April 20, 2016 • 36 Likes • 2 Comment On the canvas, this represents a trade-off between resource and partnerships. Key Activities (KA) The key resources perform key activities. The obvious key activity at a software company is: develop software. In the long run, these should increase the value of the code base. For a SaaS cloud provider, actually delivering the software as a service is an extension to that. The virtuous circle in. The Business Model Canvas (BMC) provides a simple, but comprehensive, format for mapping and refining key factors of a business. The relationship between entrepreneur and canvas is similar to that between an architect and a blueprint. Unlike the traditional business plan, they are flexible-easily adapted to changing business ideas and new information. The Breakdown: The Business Model Canvas. Key activities; Key resources; Value propositions; Customer relationships; Channels; Customer segments; Cost structure; Revenue streams; The initial steps to understand a business model, is to know about the components of business model canvas. If you well understand components of the business model canvas, it will be easier for you to describe.

We just wrapped up our 11 th business building block sprint on Key Activities.In summary, the sprint for Project 1.11 on Key Activities completed 2 objectives:. Questions to ask on the canvas for the Key Activities; Explanation regarding how to define and stick to only the necessary Key Activities; 1 Step 4: Key Resources, Key Activities and Key Partners These three boxes describe how the business will work behind the scenes - all of the operational components that make the Value Propositions a reality. We want to list all of the vital ingredients, important processes and invaluable allies that enable our business to exist. Key Resources are the people, places, machines, patents.

By using the Business Model Canvas to document your business models you can easily share the key concepts behind your business model using visual elements. The BMC contains nine components: Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources, Value Proposition, Customer Relationships, Customer Segments, Channels and then two additional components to document your Cost Structure and Revenue Streams Key Activities can typically be broken down into three broad categories: The Business Model Canvas provides a way to show the key elements of any business model on a single sheet of paper. The canvas is based on nine building blocks and the interrelationships between them. You can use the canvas regardless of whether you are trying to understand a startup with two employees or a Fortune. Elemen dalam Business Model Canvas mencakup Customer Segment, Value Proposition, Channel, Customer Relationship, Revenue Stream, Key Resourcess, Key Activities, Key Partnership, dan Cost Structure. Untuk menyusun modelbisnis menggunakan pendekatan ini dimulai dari Customer Segment, diikuti dengan Value Proposition, Channel, Customer Relationship, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities. Das Stakeholder-Analyse Canvas ist ein visuelles Analysewerkzeug und ergänzt das Geschäftsmodell und das Wertangebot Canvas. Es hilft Ihnen, die Frage zu beantworten, wer der Nutzer, der Käufer oder der Entscheider hinsichtlich eines Wertangebots (Produkts, Dienstleistung oder Projekts) ist. Es versetzt Sie damit in die Lage, Ihr Wertangebot je nach Zielperson entsprechend zu gestalten Business model canvas Asingle reference model based on the similarities of a wide range of business model conceptualizations. With his business model design template, an enterprise can easily describe their business model. Built on nine pillars: 1. Value Propositions 2. Customer Segments 3. Channels 4. Customer Relationships 5. Revenue Streams 6. Key Partners 7. Key Resources 8. Key Activities.

The Business Model Canvas or BMC model is a graphic representation of a number of variables that show the values of an organization. The Business Model Canvas can be deployed as a strategy tool for the development of a new organization. Furthermore, it also analyses the (business) situation of an existing business. The Business Model Canvas was developed by the Swiss business model guru. Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Key Resources Cost Structure www.businessmodelgeneration.com The Business Model Canvas On: Iteration: Designed for: Designed by: Day Month Year No. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License Business model canvas framework. The business model canvas framework contains nine sections. Let's take a closer look at each one. 1. Key Partners. For the key partners section, you're trying to determine who else you need in order for your startup to be successful. Who's going along for this ride with you and your team? Ask

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